July 14th - 15thVirtual Event!

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Using Vuer for Drupal content editing

Dave Connerth

When: July 14 @11:00amET
Room: Centarro

The Vue Outline project (https://github.com/webol/vuer) is a Vuetify based single page app that uses a Drupal instance running the Drupal Outline module as a backend. Vue Outline provides an improved interface for Drupal content editors, using the Material Design Component library, drag and drop functionality, workflow integration, etc. The Drupal GraphQL module combined with a node.js server is used for communication between the Vue app and the Drupal back end. A Drupal Outline is conceptually similar to a Drupal Book, except that an outline may contain any entity type, not just nodes. Vue Outline will support editing of Drupal entities using Pupetteer for screen scraping of Drupal node editing pages, which means that a custom GraphQL configuration is not required for editing of custom content types. The screen scaping technology is also usefull for providing administrative functionality, for example the screen scraper can execute the Drupal Admin UI Site Status page periodically and cache the output so that the current status information is instantly available. This session requires no prior knowledge, it will be useful to anyone interested in improving the Drupal Content editing experience, or those interested in learning about how to connect Vue to Drupal using the Drupal GraphQL module. There will be some technical discussion, primarly having to do with GraphQL, Pupeteer, and the node.js server that is used to manage Vue Outline communication.

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