July 14th - 15thVirtual Event!

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Unleashing the power of CMS in the new world of developer portals

Jyoti Singh

When: July 14 @10:45amET
Room: Therefore Interactive

“What is Drupal?”

A Content Management System to create and modify website content.
“Can an open source CMS like Drupal be casted into a product, an enterprise application..?”
yes yes yes !

In this session I will be sharing my experience of visualising the idea of building a developer portal and developing it into an accelerator program which provides a API platform-agnostic developer experience with all freedom.The most interesting part is an organisation based multi-tenant API portal capable of managing APIs.

The developer portal is geared to solve :
- Management of one or more API programs under one umbrella
- Full lifecycle API Product Management
- Program Governance

Topic for discussions in the session :

- Architecture overview of the application
- Problem statements of businesses who are looking for one-stop solution to branding and marketing of API products
- Integration and customisation of different API testing interfaces
- A walkthrough of the developer portal

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