July 14th - 15thVirtual Event!

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Traditional Drupal faster than Jamstack?

David Jeyachandran

David Jeyachandran

When: July 14 @2:45pmET
Room: Srijan

Can a traditional Drupal site run faster than a Jamstack site? Watch us take a standard Drupal site and transform it into one of the fastest sites on the Internet - thanks to a few Drupal modules. We will let the data speak as we use WebPageTest and Google's Lighthouse score to benchmark our performance.

There are cases when you need to decouple Drupal but in this talk we're going to demonstrated what we can do with performance without decoupling - using traditional Drupal.

At the end of this talk you'll know how to identify potential performance improvements for your site and which modules to install. Using benchmarking you'll be able to demonstrate the before and after results of your changes.

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