July 14th - 15thVirtual Event!

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State of the GraphQL API for WordPress

Leonardo Losoviz

Leonardo Losoviz

When: July 15 @9:00amET
Room: Platform.sh

Topics: WordPress, GraphQL

Previous required knowdledge: none

What attendees will learn: The situation with the GraphQL API for WordPress plugin (which, similar to WPGraphQL, integrates GraphQL into WordPress)


During Decoupled Days 2020, I launched the GraphQL API for WordPress (https://graphql-api.com), a plugin to use GraphQL to retrieve data from WordPress.

It's been exactly one year. What's currently the status with the plugin? How ready is it? Has it added new features? Has it managed to get a user base? Contributors to the repo? Financial stability?

Join us to learn about the state of this plugin.

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