July 14th - 15thVirtual Event!

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Real-time collaborative content creation and multichannel distribution

Lisa McCray

Matt Fleury

Nick Sacoman

When: July 15 @3:20pmET
Room: Oomph

Traditionally, CMS solutions have focused on individual authors creating content and publishing it to a single destination. The advent of CMS decoupling means solo authors can use one interface to create, while content consumers can interact via multiple completely different delivery channels. In this talk we’ll demonstrate a solution currently in production that was built using partially decoupled Drupal, the ProseMirror text editor, and multiple custom microservices. The new system allows authors to collaborate in real-time on content that can then be distributed via multiple channels, using multiple methods of presentation.

Topics covered will include:
Background of the problem to be solved
Overview of the architecture of the chosen solution, which includes: a partially decoupled Drupal 8 site, the ProseMirror text editor for real-time collaborative editing, and multiple custom-built microservices to handle content publishing and distribution
Demonstration of using the system to generate new content, preview it, publish and distribute it via email
Brief discussion of lessons learned, pros and cons of the solution and the architecture

This talk is suitable for all audiences; we will focus on *what* the system is doing, *which* are the pieces we used to build it, and some insights into *why* we built it the way we did. We will not be focusing on *how* each piece works here.

Attendees should expect to leave with a concrete example of using established solutions like Drupal as well as new technologies like ProseMirror and a microservices architecture to create a powerful content and distribution tool. The new system is effective for the content creators and supports planned future expansion to new publishing channels as well as improved searchability and reusability of content items.


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