July 14th - 15thVirtual Event!

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Demystifying incremental static regeneration

Phil Hawksworth

When: July 15 @10:15amET
Room: Platform.sh

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) is a hot topic in the Jamstack category right now. The ability to perform incremental builds has long been a goal of many frameworks and libraries in order to minimise build times, and deliver more dynamic, larger sites which update more often.

With the right building blocks, and a suitable approach, ISR is attainable already. This talk will explore how you can implement a site with ISR using any site generation tools, and retain a code and hosting architecture which you can understand and reason about. How you don't need to adopt any single framework to deliver this "as if by magic". And how you can retain powerful attributes of Jamstack sites such as immutable and atomic deploys, even while using an ISR model.

Useful prerequisite knowledge (although fundamentals will be introduced and summarized):

- What are SSGs?
- What are the different main rendering models?
- What is CI/CD?

Key takeaways:

- The primitives needed to set up your own ISR build pipeline
- How to assess project fit, suitability and demand for ISR
- Structuring template and decoupling data to support ISR
- Leveraging and extending Netlify build infra for your own ISR

The session will not include live coding, but will show architectures, flows, some code and live demos.

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