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The case for Web Components in traditional CMS front ends

Adam Juran

Adam Juran

Christopher Bloom

Christopher Bloom

When: July 14 @11:15amET
Room: Therefore Interactive

What if we told you that you could replace 90% of your existing template code with an even more powerful language? What if that templating language was supported natively by all modern browsers?

Well, you can! Web components are the W3C standard way of generating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for modern browsers. Web components bring many powerful features to the frontend of your traditional CMS sites such as true component-based development, modern JavaScript tooling, and elegant demonstration in tools like Storybook. But some of us feel trepidation introducing such a cutting edge JavaScript-driven technology to our tried-and-true Drupal and Wordpress themes.

In this presentation Adam Juran and Christopher Bloom will walk through the pros and cons that must be considered for implementation of web components on traditional CMS frontends. We’ll cover topics such as:

* Performance
* Flash of unstyled content
* Server side rendering
* Styling and custom CSS variables
* Encapsulation
* Composition vs inheritance
* Integration to existing JavaScript frameworks

This session is intended for intermediate to advanced frontend developers. You will walk away with the knowledge of whether or not web components are right for your next Drupal or Wordpress project.

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