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Balancing flexibility and productivity in content modeling

Sean C Davis

When: July 14 @1:45pmET
Room: Therefore Interactive

Why are there so many 🤬 content management systems!?

Because everyone wants something *a little* different. Some content editors want more flexibility. Others want to be able to work quickly. Developers want to be able to easily extract the data and put it to use on the front end.

And the pattern with most headless CMS products is that the experience is largely left up to the developers. It's up to developers to create content models that are catered to their users and their project's development team.

We will spend these 50 minutes exploring how to find the perfect balance between flexibility and productivity when crafting a CMS experience. The structure will largely follow this article ([https://www.seancdavis.com/blog/balancing-cms-productivity-flexibility/](https://www.seancdavis.com/blog/balancing-cms-productivity-flexibility/)/) that I authored. It'll play like a workshop, in which I will walk through some specific examples, while showing how implementing those examples would look different depending on the chosen CMS product.

I'm also more than willing to squeeze this into 25 minutes. It would simply include fewer specific examples and stay slightly more conceptual.

In either case, my goal is that attendees leave with a model that they can use when implementing their next CMS. And that they make decisions in data modeling with intention, to specifically serve the users of the CMS and the developers of the application.

Thank you very much for considering my proposal!

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